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Transition Care Management

Transition care management is a new Medicare program to transition a patient from an in-patient setting back into the community.  This is achieved by follow-up primary care in the home, educating the patient and/or the caregivers and ensuring proper communication to all medical providers, including the patient’s regular primary care physician.

Clinic & Hospital

At Home Primary

Red Tree makes house calls to provide primary care right there in the comfort of your own home. Whether you were recently discharged from a hospital, or just need to see a doctor or practitioner for an illness, we come to you.

Nursing Home

Assisted/Independent Primary

Red Tree also serves both independent and assisted living facilities. This relieves the tremendous burden many limited or homebound seniors endure when trying to get their doctor.

Here are some of the services we focus on:

Medical Departments

Primary Care

At Home.

Medical Departments

Transitional Care

Primary Care at Home Following a Hospital or Nursing Home Discharge.

Medical Departments


Education, Counseling and Control.

Medical Departments


Advice and Meal Planning.

Medical Departments

Medical Equipment

Ordering and Proper Use in the Home.

Medical Departments

Home Safety Evaluation

Evaluation to Remove Potential Hazards and Install Necessary Equipment.

Medical Departments

Chronic Conditions

Management of Chronic Conditions such as COPD, Diabetes, CHF, Obesity and Mitigating Fall Risks.

Medical Departments

Medication Management

Review Medications, Alter if necessary and Prescribe.

Medical Departments


X-rays, EKG’s, Ultra Sounds, Blood Work.

Medical Departments

Counseling & Education

For Patient and Caregiver.

Medical Departments


With Existing Primary Care Provider and Specialists.

Medical Departments

Nurses & therapists

Work with Existing or Bring in Home Health Providers Such as Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists or Home Health Aides.

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